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Located in Wola Cyrusowa in the Lodz region, the poultry slaughterhouse was founded in October 1996. In response to the growing market demands, construction of a new facility began in the picturesque town of Koziołki in 2001, and currently, the company occupies an impressive production area of ​​6,500 square meters.

From the very beginning, the company has remained at the forefront of the industry, supplying high-quality fresh chicken. Over 400 clients spread across the country rely on products from “PIÓRKOWSCY” Poultry Slaughterhouse.

The undeniable strength of the enterprise lies in its long-standing industry experience, gained through collaboration with a solid group of chicken suppliers and customers. The raw material for production mainly comes from central Poland, in accordance with long-term agreements with over 140 suppliers of live chickens.

“PIÓRKOWSCY” Poultry Slaughterhouse not only delivers high-quality products but also operates widely in the market, owning its own stores and poultry wholesalers. Additionally, the company acts as a shareholder in a feed mill, providing farmers with top-quality organic products.

Thanks to this holistic approach, “PIÓRKOWSCY” Poultry Slaughterhouse not only maintains its position at the top of the competition but also serves as a reliable link in the poultry product supply chain across Poland.

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Care for health, quality, and the environment

Ecological poultry production

For us, it’s important that our hens are healthy and happy. We provide them with conditions that allow them to develop naturally, without the use of artificial substances. Healthy and contented hens are the key to high-quality poultry meat.

A meticulous approach to hen nutrition translates into the quality of our product. We use organic feed, free from artificial additives and GMOs. This guarantees that our meat is not only delicious but also free from undesirable substances.

We engage in sustainable production practices, minimizing our negative impact on the environment. We reduce emissions, recycle, and invest in technologies that support our environmental goals. For us, sustainability is not just a trend; it’s our mission.

In our farm, we pay attention to every detail to provide customers with not only delicious but also healthy and environmentally friendly products. Our organic production is a promise of quality, care for animals, and respect for the environment.

Technology combined with tradition

Modern technology park

Our production facility is where tradition meets modernity, and innovative technological approaches ensure the highest quality of our products. At the heart of our production lies an advanced Technology Park equipped with the latest devices available on the market.

Our technology park guarantees efficiency and precision in the production process. We have state-of-the-art production lines equipped with innovative machinery for processing poultry meat. Our equipment meets the highest industry standards, allowing us to maintain consistently high quality of our products.

Our production is based on strict supervision of technological processes. Thanks to advanced monitoring and control systems, we can continuously track every stage of production – from raw material intake to the finished product. Our staff, composed of experienced specialists, ensures that each step complies with the highest hygiene and quality standards.

We take pride in the continuous development of our technology park in line with technological advancements. We invest in new solutions that enable us to maintain our position as an industry leader. This enables us to provide our customers not only with excellent flavors but also with the assurance that each product meets the highest safety and quality standards.

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We offer unique collaboration opportunities for both wholesalers and retailers. Our poultry products guarantee the highest quality and freshness. With us, you’ll gain access to attractive trade terms, a wide range of products, and a partnership-oriented approach to cooperation. Join us and provide your customers with the taste they deserve.

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think about us?

Collaborating with the slaughterhouse is extremely beneficial for my company. Thanks to the professionalism and high quality of services provided by Piórkowscy, our meat supply needs are fully met. We greatly appreciate their flexibility and willingness to adapt to our requirements, which enables us to effectively run our business.

Andrzej Grabowski

The Piórkowscy poultry slaughterhouse, with which we have been cooperating for years, stands out for its excellent customer service and reliable product quality. Their understanding of our needs and meticulousness in ensuring safety and hygiene in production give us confidence that we can rely on them in any situation. We are pleased to continue our cooperation with this slaughterhouse and.

Tomasz Jakubikowicz

Our company has been cooperating with the slaughterhouse in Koziołki for years, and we have always been satisfied with the results. Their commitment to providing high-quality meat and timely delivery is commendable. We also value the fact that the meat comes from a trusted supplier, which provides certainty regarding quality and origin.

Joanna Burk

I appreciate their innovative approach to production, which contributes to the sustainable development of our industry. We highly recommend this slaughterhouse to anyone interested in partnership collaboration. I am satisfied with the quality of poultry meat that I regularly purchase from Piórkowscy. This product has met my expectations in terms of freshness and taste.

Katarzyna Szymczyk

After many years of cooperation with Piórkowscy Slaughterhouse, I can confidently state that they are a trustworthy partner. Their professionalism, efficiency, and continuous pursuit of excellence make our cooperation flawless. We are grateful for their support in achieving our business goals and their reliability in delivering high-quality meat.

Anna Wiśnia