In our offer, you will find

high-quality poultry products.

The “Piórkowscy” meat processing plant is a rapidly growing company specialized in the production of poultry deli meats and cold cuts. In our offer, you will find high-quality poultry products tailored to the needs and expectations of customers, meeting all applicable standards and requirements.

We use only top-quality poultry meat, and in our production process, we implement modern solutions. Continuous modernization, innovation, and investments allow us to ensure the highest quality and food safety.

The “Piórkowscy” company provides you with traditional flavor combined with the skill of the best poultry products. We especially recommend our hot dogs, which do not contain soy protein or any allergens, which is important for a diet recommended for allergy sufferers. Additionally, we offer original deli meat products unique to the market.

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In case of any questions, we invite you to use our hotline or contact us directly via email.