Innovative technology

for producing juicy Max Food

PIÓRKOWSCY company is constantly expanding its range of products. Currently, a new profession is being shaped within the PIÓRKOWSCY brand – the production of animal feed.

The new product line is produced in a modernized and specially adapted facility in Wola Cyrusowa. We have invited outstanding specialists in animal nutrition – employees of Agricultural Academies in Krakow and Poznan – to collaborate.

Research in the field of companion animal nutrition indicates that juicy food is the proper form for our pets to consume: It does not cause any harmful consequences, and juicy food is well absorbed by the digestive system of companion animals.

Deep-freezing technology allows us to preserve the freshness of our products.

Our products are composed of fresh meat and additions: vegetables, grains, vitamins. The composition of a given feed depends on its purpose. The meat content is delivered directly from the slaughterhouse. Other additions are supplied by specialized producers.

The applied technology allows us to produce feed of consistent quality while maintaining a reasonable price for the final product.

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Food MAX – A Rich Range of Products for Dogs and Cats

Regardless of your pet’s preferences, we offer a wide selection of food in various forms, including dry food, wet food, treats, and other snacks. Our products are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for the proper functioning of a dog’s or cat’s body.

We also provide a variety of flavors and ingredients to allow you to customize your pet’s diet to its individual needs and preferences. Whether your pet prefers food made from chicken, beef, pork, or lamb, we have the right product for them.