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What sets us apart?

  1. Highest Quality: Our products guarantee excellent quality, resulting from attention to detail, careful breeding, and modern production processes.
  2. Versatility of Assortment: We offer a variety of poultry products, from fresh meats to specially prepared culinary items, tailored to different culinary preferences.
  3. Competitive Prices: Thanks to the optimization of production processes, we can offer competitive prices, enabling you to gain an edge in the competition.

Who is this offer directed to?


  1. Food Retailers: Your poultry meat can be sold in supermarkets, grocery stores, marketplaces, or other retail locations. In this case, maintaining high quality standards, delivering fresh product, and organized delivery systems are important.
  2. Restaurants: High-quality poultry meat is essential for restaurants that serve meat dishes. Collaboration with restaurants can include both fast-service venues and exclusive restaurants.
  3. Food Processors: Processing companies that use poultry meat to produce various products, such as sausages, cold cuts, ready meals, or meat preserves. Collaboration with food processors can open new market opportunities.
  4. Gastronomy Chains: If your meat production is on a large scale, collaborating with gastronomy chains, such as fast-food outlets or other food brands, can be beneficial.
  5. Food Wholesalers: Supplying poultry meat to food wholesalers, who then sell their products to other businesses or retailers, can be one of the business models.
  6. Export: If you meet the export requirements, poultry meat can be sold in foreign markets, opening the possibility of expanding market reach.
  7. Individual Customers: If you can handle direct sales, e.g., through company stores, agricultural fairs, or online, you can also reach individual customers.

When supplying poultry meat, it is important to maintain high standards of quality, food safety, and adhere to regulations regarding food production and distribution. It’s also worth considering market trends, such as the demand for organic and local products, which can add additional value to your offer.

Benefits of Collaboration:

  1. Marketing Support: By collaborating with us, you’ll receive support in promotion and marketing to increase brand recognition and interest in your offer.
  2. Constant Access to Products: We provide regular deliveries to ensure you can maintain a constant availability of products in your assortment.
  3. Individual Approach: We are ready to adjust our offer to your needs, offering flexible terms of cooperation.

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In case of any questions, we invite you to use our hotline or contact us directly via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hygiene in production and food safety are the two most important standards we implement. Poultry meat production must take place in accordance with stringent hygiene standards, i.e., the absence of chemical, microbiological, or other undesirable substances on the premises, in order to prevent bacterial contamination and ensure the safety of the food produced.

Quality control at our Piórkowscy slaughterhouse takes place at various stages of the production process. During the reception of raw materials, our employees conduct checks on the supplied raw materials to ensure they meet specified quality and safety standards. Then, we carry out control of the production process, involving regular checks of individual workstations to monitor parameters that may affect product quality, such as work hygiene, temperature, and processing time. The next step is microbiological control. Poultry meat products are regularly tested for the presence of pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella or E. coli, to prevent food poisoning. Selected samples of poultry meat are subjected to sensory control and evaluated for odor, consistency, color, and taste, to ensure they meet consumer expectations. Finally, we conduct exit controls. Before leaving the production facility, poultry meat is again checked to ensure it meets all specified quality and safety standards.

Currently, the production level in our slaughterhouse reaches 200 tons of finished end product in various forms, depending on the orders coming from customers all over Europe. We produce poultry meat in the form of: carcasses of various sizes, chicken leg quarters, thighs, drumsticks, wings, poultry soup portions, as well as hearts and livers.

Prices are set based on the market prices on a given day, but besides that, we conduct a pro-customer pricing policy. Our regular customers, who order wholesale quantities of poultry meat for further resale, have individually negotiated price lists and preferential order fulfillment conditions. We also have a special offer for our franchise stores, restaurateurs, and catering companies.

In collaboration with our Piórkowscy Poultry Slaughterhouse, you can count on various payment methods and terms, such as cash payment at the company’s office, bank transfer, prepayment, payment on delivery, payment with a deferred term. They are individually determined each time and depend on the quantity and frequency of ordered poultry products.

Our poultry meat processing plant is equipped with advanced cooling systems that maintain the appropriate temperature at different stages of production. Additionally, our modern cooling system allows for rapid lowering of the meat’s temperature after slaughter, which helps preserve its freshness and prevents bacterial growth.

Another innovation is the automated poultry carcass dismantling system. Special machines that can manipulate carcasses and perform various operations, such as cutting, trimming, or fat separation, automatically divide poultry carcasses into different parts, such as breasts, thighs, wings, etc., increasing the efficiency and precision of the dismantling process.

Here are a few ways our Piórkowscy Poultry Slaughterhouse works towards sustainable development:

  • Waste and emissions reduction – We have implemented measures aimed at reducing the amount of production waste and emissions related to the meat production process. Our company operates a modern wastewater treatment plant.
  • Supporting local communities – By creating jobs, supporting local charitable organizations, and investing in local social and educational projects – we have a football pitch on our company premises, which is used by the residents of Koziołki.
  • Promoting ethical business practices – We operate in accordance with ethical business standards, ensuring fair working conditions, combating discrimination, and respecting workers’ rights.

Modern wastewater treatment plant.

The modern wastewater treatment plant installed in the meat processing facility is equipped with advanced technologies that enable effective elimination of pollutants from water used in production processes.

Waste segregation.

Waste segregation in our meat slaughterhouse is crucial for minimizing the amount of waste and maximizing the use of secondary raw materials.

We are flexible, and it happens that we deliver manufactured products on the day the order is placed.

Delivery times are arranged individually with each contractor, taking into account their reported needs.

There is also an option to pick up ordered products on-site at our manufacturing facility.

Delivery costs and logistics minimums are determined individually with each contractor. They depend on the location, delivery method, and order size.

Packaging of meat products in our abattoir is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. Here are a few popular packaging options we offer to our contractors:

Vacuum packaging – the product is hermetically sealed in plastic vacuum-sealed bags, allowing for longer freshness and shelf life. Vacuum packaging is particularly effective for meat as it minimizes contact with air, reducing the risk of oxidation and spoilage.

Sealed packaging – the product is placed in plastic or aluminum trays or containers and then sealed or closed using special machines. This option is often used in retail sales where packaging aesthetics are important.

Custom packaging – customers can also order meat products packaged according to their preferences and requirements. This may include customizing the packaging in terms of size, shape, type of material, or additional elements such as labels or prints.

Bulk packaging – for wholesale or institutional orders, meat products can be packaged in larger bulk containers, which are more economical and convenient for transportation.

In the case of poultry meat production, it is essential to have appropriate quality certificates and those confirming compliance with food standards to confirm high quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

Our poultry abattoir has obtained quality certificates by meeting specified requirements, undergoing numerous external audits, and regularly monitoring production processes.

Yes, our products fully comply with international food safety regulations and quality standards. We offer high-quality meat products that meet the requirements of Polish law and international food standards, such as European Union regulations. Our production processes are carefully monitored and assessed to ensure that our products meet the highest safety and quality standards. As a result, we can supply our products not only to the Polish market but also abroad, providing customers worldwide with the assurance that they are receiving high-quality products that comply with local and international regulations.

Yes, we continuously introduce new products to our range to meet the expectations of our customers and stay up-to-date with trends in the meat products market. Our company actively listens to customer feedback and conducts market research to better understand their needs and preferences. Based on this information, we adjust our offering by introducing new products or improving existing ones. Our goal is to provide a wide selection of high-quality products that cater to the diverse tastes and requirements of our customers. With this approach, we can continually expand our range and deliver innovative and appealing meat products that meet current market needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the highest quality meat, meeting the highest standards of taste and food safety. Our products are carefully selected to ensure our customers have an excellent culinary experience. We prioritize sourcing from trusted suppliers who guarantee the highest quality and freshness of meat. We ensure that our production processes comply with rigorous hygiene and food safety standards to provide customers with full confidence in our products.

Our efforts to maintain the highest quality standards have been recognized by the industry, as evidenced by numerous awards and accolades we have received. These awards validate our efforts in striving for excellence and acknowledge our passion and commitment to delivering the highest quality products to customers. With our quality and innovation-driven approach, our customers can be assured that by choosing our products, they receive not only exceptional taste but also the assurance of safety and satisfaction.

Yes, our products are suitable for people on special diets because the poultry meat we offer is particularly recommended in many different diets. Poultry meat is rich in protein and often contains lower fat content compared to red meat, making it an attractive choice for individuals concerned about their health and monitoring their diet. Additionally, poultry meat can be adapted to various diets such as the paleo diet, low-carb diet, or high-protein diet, making it a versatile and valuable component for individuals with different dietary needs.

Our products can be prepared in many different ways, depending on culinary preferences and individual tastes. Some of the most commonly chosen methods include:

  • Grilling poultry meat is a popular method that allows you to preserve its natural flavor and juiciness. Grilled poultry meat can be seasoned with various spices or marinades, adding extra flavor and character.
  • Roasting is a simple and versatile method of preparing poultry meat. You can use different techniques such as roasting whole, roasting on a sheet pan, or roasting in molds to achieve various flavor and texture effects.
  • Pan-frying poultry meat is a quick and easy method of meal preparation. You can use minimal amounts of fat and various spices to achieve a crispy skin and juicy interior.
  • Cooking poultry meat in broth or sauce is a popular way to prepare dishes such as soups, stews, or one-pot meals. Cooking allows the poultry meat to absorb the flavors and aromas of other ingredients, resulting in a rich and intense taste.

It’s worth experimenting with different methods of preparing poultry meat to discover your favorite way of cooking it and enjoy the variety of flavors and textures.

Our boiled white sausage is an unmistakable bestseller, appreciated by customers and receiving numerous industry awards in various categories. It is a unique product that has won the hearts of many people with its exceptional quality, excellent taste, and versatile application.

Produced in Piórkowscy Poultry Slaughterhouse, our boiled white sausage is characterized by a delicate and juicy interior and a crispy skin, which gives it a distinctive taste and texture. It is a product that works perfectly as a standalone dish as well as an addition to various dishes such as sandwiches, salads, or grilled dishes.

Thanks to carefully selected ingredients and a traditional recipe, our boiled white sausage retains its authentic taste and aroma, which our customers appreciate. Additionally, the numerous industry awards it has received attest to its excellent quality and recognition among experts and consumers.

That is why our boiled white sausage is one of the most popular products in our range and remains a consistent bestseller, enchanting with its taste and quality.

Yes, we offer the possibility of delivering our products directly to the customer’s home. However, this type of delivery needs to be arranged individually with the selected branch, as it depends on several factors such as the size of the order and the distance to the destination.

To avail of home delivery, the customer can contact our branch to discuss the details of the order, including delivery availability and terms. Usually, there is an option to choose a convenient delivery time that best suits the customer.

It’s worth noting that home delivery may incur an additional fee, which depends on various factors such as distance and logistical costs. Each order and its delivery are treated individually to ensure the best service and satisfaction for the customer.

The working hours of our locations may vary depending on the location, type of facility, and customer preferences. Typically, customer service offices operate during standard hours from 8:00 to 16:00, but stores and wholesalers may have variable opening hours tailored to the needs and preferences of customers and local commercial traffic.

To check the exact working hours of specific locations, it is recommended to visit our website, where the most up-to-date information regarding the opening hours of individual stores and wholesalers can be found. This way, our customers can be assured they are informed of the latest changes and can adjust their shopping plans accordingly to the opening hours of the locations.

As a producer, we are considering introducing an online store as a new purchasing option for our customers. We are aware that an increasing number of people prefer the convenience of online shopping, so we want to respond to the growing market demand and make it easier for our customers to access our products.

We are considering this option after taking into account the increasingly frequent inquiries and suggestions from customers regarding the possibility of purchasing our products online. This is an opportunity for us to expand our market reach and increase the availability of our products to a wider audience.

At the same time, we realize that introducing an online store comes with certain challenges and the need to adapt our production and logistics processes to handle online sales. Therefore, we are also conducting analyses and consultations to ensure that any actions taken are in line with our business strategy and customer expectations.

We are confident that an online store can be an excellent platform for showcasing our products and providing a convenient and easy way for customers to purchase our products.

Yes, regular replenishment of stocks in our stores is a key element of our inventory management strategy. We strive to replenish stocks daily, and even multiple times a day, depending on customer demand and specific periods of the year, such as holiday seasons or other special occasions.

Our priority is to ensure continuous availability of our products for customers, so we constantly monitor demand and strive to respond appropriately to changing market needs. Through systematic replenishment of stocks, we can ensure that our customers always find fresh and high-quality products in our stores that meet their expectations.

During periods of particularly high demand, such as holidays, our stores are especially active in replenishing stocks to meet increased customer needs and provide them with comprehensive service. With a flexible approach and systematic inventory control, we are able to effectively manage our assortment and maintain high-quality services for our customers.

Our company shapes retail prices in a way that considers price competitiveness in the market while maintaining very high quality of our products. We employ a flexible pricing strategy that reflects the value of our products and customer expectations.

While we strive to maintain competitive prices in the market, we do not pursue the lowest prices at the expense of quality. Our products are characterized by very high quality, which is a priority for us. Therefore, while we may offer prices from the lower end, we always ensure that the quality of the products remains at the highest level.

In our pricing strategy, we place a strong emphasis on providing an attractive value proposition, ensuring our customers receive high-quality products for their money. We also aim to be flexible and responsive to market changes, adjusting our prices based on the current situation and customer needs.

With this approach, we are able to satisfy customers who seek high-quality products at attractive prices, while maintaining the competitiveness of our offerings in the retail market.

Why Us?

1. Freshness and quality: Our products are the epitome of freshness and excellent quality, ensuring your customers unforgettable culinary experiences.
2. Kitchen innovation: We offer a variety of poultry products tailored to contemporary culinary trends, allowing you to surprise your customers with new flavors.
3. Partnership-based cooperation: We understand the needs of the retail market and offer flexible terms of cooperation, enabling you to develop your offering according to customer expectations.

Benefits of Collaboration:

1. Promotions and marketing support: We provide attractive promotions and marketing support to enhance the attractiveness of your offering and attract new customers.
2. Fast deliveries and continuous availability: With our efficient logistics, we guarantee regular deliveries to ensure your shelves are always stocked with fresh products.
3. Tailored to your needs: We are flexible and ready to adapt to your needs, offering customized trading solutions.

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Join us in building success together!In case of any questions, we invite you to use our hotline or contact us directly via email.

If you need more information

In case of any questions, we invite you to use our hotline or contact us directly via email.